Poster Guidelines

Participants may choose to submit an abstract for consideration as a Poster Presentation while submitting the registration form.

If accepted as a Poster Presentation, authors are requested to use to the guidelines recommended below. It is acknowledged that some posters may require a slightly different approach.

• Recommended Poster Size: Poster board size — 102 cm (40″) high x 92 cm (36″) wide.
• Font: The poster must have clearly visible type face that is not smaller than 16 point.
• Recommended Content: Maximum pertinent information should be provided in the poster. The poster should reflect:

■ The title (abbreviations should be avoided in the title)
■ The author/s & institutional affiliations
■ E-mail address of corresponding author
■ If the subject matter is empirical, the presentation should reflect: the specific objective(s) of the study/presentation; methods of data collection and analysis; summary of the results obtained or anticipated; conclusions reached; and recommendations made.
■ In the case of non-empirical posters, the presentation should ideally reflect: the specific objective(s) of the presentation; key theoretical framework(s); presentation’s central argument(s); conclusions reached; and recommendations made.

The author of a Poster Presentation (in the case of a multi-author poster, at least one author) must be present during the time slot allocated to interact with and answer questions that delegates may have.